Covid-19 Vaccines for Children

COVID-19 Vaccines For Children

Pamela A. Popper, President

Wellness Forum Health

An FDA panel voted last week to recommend that the FDA authorize Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). 

The hearing concerning the vaccine included considerable misinformation about safety and even the need for the vaccine in this age group. For example, Pfizer told the committee that COVID-19 was one of the top 10 leading causes of death in children age 5-14; that there had been 1.8 million cases, 8622 hospitalizations through September 2021 and 143 deaths related to COVID-19 through October 14, 2021 in children ages 5—11.[1]  Pfizer’s own data hardly justifies the vaccine – based on its report, the percentage of hospitalized children who test positive for COVID-19 who die is 0.0165%, and the percentage of cases that result in death in this age group is 0.0000794%.

Data from other sources also shows that the vaccines are not needed. The CDC reports that over 94% of COVID-19 deaths in children included co-morbidities with an average of “four additional causes per death” in this group.[2]  A study published in Nature showed that the infection fatality rate in children ages 5 to 9 was only 0.001% or one in 100,000.[3]

And two studies published in May that looked at hundreds of hospitalizations of children in California concluded that 40-45% of them were incidental cases – the children were admitted for other conditions and subsequently tested positive.[4] [5] Hospitalization rates for children were already really low, and if reported accurately based on these studies, would make the incidence of childhood hospitalization for COVID-19 statistically disappear. Accurate reporting would be better policy, but remember – it is difficult to terrorize and coerce parents into allowing kids to be injected with experimental products while telling the truth. 

As for safety, Pfizer’s briefing document stated that “the number of participants in the current clinical development program is too small to detect any potential risk of myocarditis associated with vaccination.” But in spite of the small sample size, 13 cases of swelling of the lymph nodes occurred during the trial.[6]

Pfizer claimed in its briefing document that children are “important reservoirs of SARS-CoV-2 transmission and may become a primary driver of the pandemic in the near future.”[7] But this statement is also false. A recent meta-analysis concluded that children infected at school “are unlikely to spread SARS-CoV-2 to their cohabitating family members.”[8] The FDA noted in its own briefing that “transmission between school staff members may be more common than transmission involving students.”[9] And according to the Department of Health and Human Services, after in-person instruction was resumed, hospitalizations of children fell for the first time since the COVID debacle began.[10]

As if this is not enough to discourage the approval of this vaccine, panel member Dr. Eric Rubin, editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and an infectious disease physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital said, “We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes. That’s how we found out about rare complications of other vaccines, like the rotavirus vaccine.”[11] After the vote, Rubin said the surveillance system would be important in determining how safe the vaccine is for children. These types of statements are eerily reminiscent of Hitler’s reign of terror when butchers like Mengele were permitted to use human subjects, including children, for experimentation.

Of course, the panel recommended that the vaccine be authorized by the FDA, and the FDA approved it promptly. This is not surprising. The drug companies pay the FDA to review their products, and in 2019 alone they paid $2.6 billion out of the agency’s $5.7 billion dollar budget.[12] And since 2015 the approval rate for new drugs and devices has been about 96%.[13]

This will result in a big payday for Pfizer – the Biden administration has purchased 50 million doses of the vaccine for children.[14] Apparently the administration expected that the vaccine would be approved – on October 20, nine days before the approval was granted, a White House Fact Sheet concerning the rollout of the vaccine stated that “the Administration has procured enough vaccine to support vaccination for the country’s 28 million children ages 5-11 years old.”[15]

As expected the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky rubber-stamped the recommendation. Walensky said, “Together, with science leading the charge, we have taken another important step forward in our nation’s fight against the virus that causes COVID-19. We know millions of parents are eager to get their children vaccinated and with this decision, we now have recommended that about 28 million children receive a COVID-19 vaccine.”[16]

There are no words to describe the horror of this decision and its potential impact on our children.

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