If an Explanation is Really Needed…

The Forbidden COVID-19 Chronicles August 30 2021

If an Explanation is Really Needed…

Pamela A. Popper, President

Wellness Forum Health

I posted a video last week that provided some guidance on how to just say “no” when asked to do something you do not want to do, without feeling the need to justify your response. Somehow grown adults with free will are allowing others to make them feel uncomfortable or defensive about their choices. Having said that, if you feel a compelling need to explain yourself to someone else, this exchange, which was sent to me by a subscriber, is a good one.

Hi (Grandson), thank you so much for all your work on my old kindle and setting up my new one.  I am starting to learn it.  I really value your expertise .  Also, as your beloved Granny, I am pleading on bended knee that you get the Covid Vaccine.  The Delta Variant is really hitting 30 to 49 year olds, and is really serious. You would not look good on a Vent!!  Please protect yourself and your children. Granny has spoken.  Love you so much.   Granny

The Grandson’s reply:


No problem, you’re welcome. You were long overdue for new technology.

As for Covid, I choose not to live in fear and while I do not believe Covid is a conspiracy, I do believe that the virus has been blown out of proportion. Never in the history of mankind have people been encouraged to be vaccinated for the sake of other people and therefore shunned for not being vaccinated. This is the first time I have ever heard that one must be vaccinated for another one’s sake.

I’ve seen little proof that Covid is as dangerous as the general public may think. For example, during an average flu season, roughly 650,000 people die from the flu. Nobody talks about that and the headlines certainly aren’t publishing flu deaths. Roughly 1.35 million people die every year in car accidents but the media isn’t suggesting a person doesn’t drive every day. Could you imagine if you woke up every day to a headline “Automobiles took 3700 more lives today. STOP DRIVING NOW! STAY HOME!” That’s crazy. We can look up that data but we all continue to drive. For the irrevocable damage that these extreme measures have done to our economy and (I believe) long-term health (mental health, weakened immune systems, loss of freedom), we should all know 10-20 people off the bat that have beyond the shadow of a doubt that have died of Covid–and that just isn’t the case.

People that are dying of Covid have other complications whether the media, healthcare or you are willing to admit it or not. As for the Delta variant, headlines say it is more contagious. Yes, that might be true but it hasn’t been proven to be any more dangerous than Covid. Why is it hitting 30 to 49 year olds the most? They are the most unvaccinated group. People are going out more now, the mask mandates have been lifted. We expected this to happen. Is Delta more dangerous to children than Covid was? Studies have not proven that. Yes there are children down at CHOP right now with Covid/Delta but they are also suffering with RSV. RSV is a winter virus yet it is summer right now. Mortality rate of Covid in children is 0.00-0.03%. That is nothing to be concerned about.

The lockdown has weakened everyone’s immune systems so we are seeing other viruses we don’t normally see. At some point, we are going to have to wake up and face the music. You can’t live in hibernation for a year to a year and a half and then face the world and expect nobody is going to get sick. Viruses evolve–we knew the variant was going to come. I’m not sure why anybody is surprised. And most mandates were lifted in the last month so one logically must expect Covid cases to rise, but as any virus does…it will eventually peter out.

As for me and my kids, I do not believe in getting the vaccine. That’s not to say that I don’t think anyone should get the vaccine but it’s certainly a risk assessment. The average vaccine goes through a minimum of 5 years before it hits the market–often times up to 10 years. I already don’t ever get a flu shot. I’m not about to take a vaccine for a virus I believe is overhyped and I believe I am at a low risk for. I’ve known hundreds of people that have had Covid and not one person I know directly (not to say I haven’t heard of people) but not one person I know personally has been even hospitalized. I hear things from “I had cold-like symptoms for 3 days” to “it was really nasty and I was in bed for 2 weeks”. I’ve been sick for two weeks before. It happens. But it does not justify shutting down a country, shutting down schools, crushing the economy and then slowly day by day watching my freedom be stripped of me as I am required to wear a mask just to live or go get a vaccination that hasn’t been through a full year of testing to protect others? That’s crazy. I am aware of the vaccine and I respect that others choose to receive it and they would like the protection it promises. I am going to gamble on my own body’s immune system–as I would if I had cancer as well–I would not do chemotherapy or radiation. I think society as a whole doesn’t think for themselves, think of alternative ways, think outside the box–rather they regurgitate media headlines, or what they learned in medical school, etc.

I haven’t skipped a beat since the lockdown began March 2020. I go to work every day, I go out to eat, and I try to live as normal of a life as possible. I see a lot of people. I have been far from “careful”. I’ve never been tested for Covid and I haven’t missed a day of work since March 2020 for illness. From what I’ve seen, those most worried of Covid are either those in hospitals that see the worst cases (and frankly are so wrapped up in testing for Covid that they are often too busy and overlook underlying conditions) or those that don’t leave their house and have nothing better to do than watch/read the news all day which is pushing a fear-mongering agenda 24/7. Those that have continued to work and leave their house are often unafraid–which I believe is the best way to remain healthy: a low stress and active lifestyle. Sooner or later we are going to see problem upon problem with all the stress, depression, anxiety, etc that I believe a lockdown and fearing media has created.

So in conclusion I appreciate your concern but hopefully you can understand why I and my children will not be vaccinated. And I would encourage you to do more of your own research to hopefully ease your mind and reduce your worry of all the “bad” going on in the world.