Who Are You?

Who Are You?

posted by Robin Falcone Oct 2021


I read this excellent piece in one of my videos and the response was so huge and the requests for a link we so many that I decided to post it in the newsletter with the link for all to share.

My grandmother was a Russian Jew who narrowly escaped a pogrom in her village as a child. Like many descendants of those people I’ve always found stories of that time especially poignant and personal.

I’ve also been fascinated at how these things happened right in front of the non-Jews living all around them, whose lives seemed to continue on with little impact. Did they realize what was going on? Or had they been told that Jews were the enemy often enough and loud enough that eventually they just accepted it as truth? 

Historically when one group of people is singled out for persecution, the remaining population falls into three groups:

  1. Those who simply go about their business unaware of what is going on, or who don’t care because they’re not personally impacted.
  2. Self-appointed enforcers who gleefully point out the offenders to demonstrate their loyalty to the regime and (they hope) preserve their own favorable standing.
  3. A courageous few who despite being exempt from persecution themselves, risk everything to stand up to tyranny because they answer to higher ideals which transcend cultural or political whims. 

It was this group who helped people like my grandmother during the war, or became resistance icons like Witold Pilecki and Oskar Schindler. They understood what was happening and did something about it. Many others risked their own lives by hiding Jewish families in their homes or helping them escape the country. 

Growing up, people like that were my archetypes of courage and character. I’d ask myself, “If this happened today, who would I be? If all the chips were down and it would cost me everything, would I have the moral courage to help a Jew?”

We all like to think we are in group 3 but history tells us otherwise. The majority of people fall into group 1, with a good number in 2 and a smaller percentage in 3. 

And it’s no wonder. Remember, the horrors of the holocaust were preceded by an all-out PSYOP campaign to turn people against the Jews and separate them from mainstream life. The Reich controlled the public narrative and enforced it through aggressive and unrelenting media campaigns. As Hitler’s own Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels famously said, “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as truth.”  No wonder many businesses displayed“No Jews Allowed” signs in their windows. No wonder Jews were routinely turned away from movie theaters, concerts, shows, and other public venues. 

In fact, the propaganda was so effective that before long many people believed that Jews shouldn’t be allowed to mix with the mainstream population at all, much less attend school with non-Jewish children. Finally, laws were passed preventing Jews from entering civil service, the military, medicine, teaching and other professions, all in the name of the “public good.” Widespread protests did nothing to deter the hell-bent Reich from their agenda. 

By the time Jews were physically separated from the general population many people were relieved, believing they were safer not being exposed to the Jews. It’s worth noting that the effectiveness of the propaganda was in no way dependent on the truth of the message. People were thoroughly convinced that Jews posed an imminent threat to their way of life, despite the fact that they had been freely associating with Jewish friends, neighbors and co-workers for months or years without suffering any ill effects. What had changed, other than the narrative? How right Goebbels was! And how different history would look if people had believed what they actually saw and experienced, rather than the narrative that was being sold to them.

The parallels between this and what is happening today are striking. Pick up the NY times or the Washington Post and substitute the word “Jew” for “unvaccinated.” If you have any moral sense at all you’ll be appropriately alarmed; it is virtually indistinguishable from anything published by the Reich during WWII, right down to “necessary measures being taken to avoid the spread of misinformation” (for the public good, of course). 

Like the Jews in my grandmother’s day, the un-vaxed are being banished from civil service, the military, medicine, teaching, and other professions (also presumably for the “public good”). No matter that millions of un-vaxed police officers, soldiers, nurses, doctors, teachers and others have been doing their jobs continually over the last 3 years without making anyone sick at all. Why are they suddenly unfit to mix with the general population? What has changed, other than the hyperbolic narrative being sold to the public? 

Hitler was in excellent company. The most unthinkable atrocities in history have been committed in the name of the public good – just ask the 7 million Ukrainians Stalin intentionally starved to death, or the millions of Armenians slaughtered in Turkey, or the Cambodians lying in mass graves at the pleasure of Pol Pot. Those are just three in a long list of Governments who decided that a certain contingent wasn’t going along with the program and needed to be dealt with. 

As today’s un-vaxed are labeled “human petri dishes” and worse, with many people calling for shunning, separation and other punitive measures, I urge good people everywhere to consider two questions: 

  1. Am I being rational? No question that it’s rational to fear someone infected with Leprosy or Ebola. It’s even rational to keep your distance and wash your hands after being exposed to someone with a cold or flu. But is it rational to have mortal fear of perfectly healthy people? How have we been convinced that healthy, asymptomatic people pose not only a threat, but one so deadly that it warrants banishment from mainstream society? 
  2. Who am I?  Will I look the other way because mandates and restrictions don’t apply to me? Will I point at the unvaccinated and turn them in to the authorities to demonstrate my loyalty? Or, will I have the moral clarity and courage to stand up and fight tyranny whenever and wherever it happens, be it against Jews, Blacks, Asians, Christians, or the Unvaccinated?”

As perfectly healthy people around you continue losing their jobs, health insurance, homes, access to grocery stores, banks, public schools, airports and even hospitals which group will you be a part of? When history looks back on this time, what will your grandchildren say about who you were in 2021?