School Has Started: Let The Psychological Torture Begin

The Forbidden COVID-19 Chronicles August 23 2021

Pamela A. Popper, President

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School Has Started:

Let the Psychological Torture of Children Begin!

For months, school officials and board members led parents to believe that their opinions and input mattered. Acting on that belief, parents attended school board meetings, wrote letters, delivered speeches, wrote more letters, chased the school board members out of the building, submitted scientific articles, and delivered expert testimony. The result of all of this busy work – the kids are masked up, and COVID insanity is in full force in America’s schools.

In some school systems, all students in grades K-6 are required to wear masks, while masks are optional for grades 7-12. Some school systems started the school year with no mask requirement, which resulted in about 48 hours of normalcy until the fake testing began. According to a recent article in USA Today, thousands of kids throughout the U.S. are currently in quarantine because of rising “cases.”

For example:

  • New Orleans School District had 299 cases, and has quarantined over 3000 students and staff.
  • Ware County in Georgia closed all schools after cases started rising and over 800 students and staff are now in quarantine.
  • In Mississippi, 20,000 students are quarantined.
  • Many schools in Texas have shut down. Four school districts that opened with masks optional are now closed due to “cases” and even though there is a state order against masking in schools, administrators are requiring masks anyway. Iraan-Sheffield Independent School District in West Texas closed for two weeks to quarantine all students and staff.
  • 6000 students and staff in Hillsborough Public Schools in Florida are now quarantined.

It looks like life in the “more free” states like Texas and Florida is not so free after all.

There are more examples, but you get the idea. Not enough children were adequately psychologically and physically damaged last year, so those who are trusted with America’s children are doubling down to make sure they destroy an entire generation of kids during this school year.

Had enough? We will help you get your children out of these dystopian places we used to refer to as schools. It’s easier than you think, and you will sleep better at night knowing that you have rescued your kids before the really bad stuff starts to happen (like vaccination without your permission).

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